Gravel / MTB Ride From Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela

Friday 20th September – Sunday 29th September 2024

£1595.00 per person in a shared room.

£1895.00 per person in a single room.

Lisbon to Santiago Camino Trail

We would like to invite you on a fantastic cycling trip taking in the historic pilgrimage route (Camino) from Lisbon, in Portugal, to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

The trip will be for 9 days. You will fly on Saturday 21st September and return on Sunday 29th September. There will be 6 days riding and one day to return from Santiago to Lisbon.

The route follows the ancient Camino trail through the centre of Portugal, following the river Tejo as far as Santarem, then it gradually turns north west, passing Tomar and Coimbra as it heads towards Porto.

From Porto, you will enjoy the amazing 20 miles of wooden boardwalk as the trail hugs the coastline heading north towards Viana do Castelo.

We will cross the border into Spain at Caminha and again stay close to the coast up to Vigo and Pontevedra at the heads of the “Spanish Fjords”.

After leaving Pontevedra, we will continue north, inland now, until we reach our destination at Santiago de Compostela. When we reach the Cathedral, our journey is complete.

We’ll stay the night in Santiago before setting off for the journey south back to Lisbon. You will have the evening in Lisbon to explore as you wish, and we will return to the UK the following day.

We have made this trip with 7 days riding rather than the usual 6 days. This is because on the final day, the office where you will get your Camino booklet stamped for the final time to confirm you have completed the journey closes around 4pm so we will ride a short distance on the final day to be at the Cathedral in Santiago by around lunch time, enabling you to get your booklet stamped and enjoy a relaxed afternoon and evening before travelling to Lisbon for the return flight.

This trip is for the more discerning cyclist that can see beyond the Alps or Pyrenees and looks for different adventures on quiet roads elsewhere. You won’t be disappointed!

Most days we will cycle around  100km or about 65 miles and climb on average 1000m each day. There will be around 70% of this trip ridden off road, so you will need either a gravel bike or a mountain bike in order to participate.

Our usual level of care and attention goes should go without saying. We want you to enjoy yourselves as much as possible.

You will also be able to collect stamps en route at stopping places to complete your Camino booklet and show you have ridden the whole way.

Price includes hotels, breakfast and evening meal. Also transfers to and from Lisbon airport and between hotels where required.

It includes a supporting vehicle to take your bags to the next hotel each day and 2 outriders actually helping and guiding around the routes. They will also help with any minor mechanicals if needed.

What’s not included: flights, lunchtime food, energy products.

Total Riding Distance: 651km

Total ascent: 7305m